Data Verification

Isn’t data all that a company has?.
Maximize returns on data investment; keep a check on data accuracy, currency and relevancy.

Data Verification Services

How to ensure accuracy in your database

Data which is procured externally should be verified, before integrating it with the master database. In order to maintain the quality of your database a robust data verification process should be in place.

Snap Global Services has a data verification process in place, which can ensure high data quality, accuracy and adherence to authentic prospects. The two methods of data verification we follow include automatic data verification and manual data verification.

Email Verification

The success of your email campaigns depend on the quality of your emails. Needless to say that email verification is one of the imperative cornerstones of all your marketing campaigns. Email verification is a process through which the email validity is checked. This process is run to avoid bad sender reputation and deliverability concerns when using new email addresses and new lists.

Tele Verification

Every contact could be a prospect and every wrong number can hamper your business numbers. Our tele verification process can help you convert your database into clean, verified and updated database through our extensive Tele verification process. The process is designed to cleanse your databases thoroughly by scrapping the old, inactive records. We identify the discrepancies in the existing records and immediately fix them through a robust tele verification process.

Social Verification

We validate Company name and Title of each Contact in your database and match it against various existing social and web networks. This process is run to ensure that you identify the working contacts and their titles. Now get all your Telemarketing campaigns and other Follow-up campaigns thrive with the best ever social verification services in the industry.

What Good are Profitable Opportunities if You don’t Seize Them at the Right Time?

The most significant advantage of having an appended database is that you can reach your prospective customers at the right time and get maximum conversions. Thus, if your future email marketing campaigns aim to capitalize on profitable chances, appending any redundant or missing data should be your top priority. That’s where we come in.

Our data appending services include filling the voids with up-to-date information, including name, address, email ID, phone numbers, income, job title, and more. Thus, you can invest in our cost-effective services and multiply your opportunities in no time.

Keep your database fresh and make it a revenue generator. Find out how Snap Global Services can help in ensuring accuracy of your database, connect with our experts at 630-866-7779 for a free one-on-one consultation or email us at


Data Verification is a process in which data is checked for accuracy and inconsistencies after data migration in order to know if the data was translated accurately and whether it supports processes in the new system.
Once the data migration is done, it is important to check the data for accuracy in order to ensure that it conforms with the data requirements of the system. This ensures that data errors are avoided too.
Snap Global Services provides impeccable data verification services to ensure that the database is scrupulous and b2b campaign ready. To avail data verification services, you may write in to or call on 877 837- 4884 for more details.
Snap Global Services offers data verification services where in the validity of the databases is checked, so as to help you maintain a good sender reputation. It offers tele-verification, email verification and social verification to ensure that your databases are 100% accurate and responsive. To avail the data verification services, you may write in to or call on 877 837- 4884 for more details.